Can I let my pet swim in my pool?


Pet owners all know that pets are an integral part of family life.  Like humans, dogs have varying degrees of skin, ear and eye sensitivity to chlorine. Keeping chlorine at lower levels .5-1.5 will reduce any drying effect on more skin sensitive pooches. Keeping all chemical parameters in check. Ph (7.2-7.6) and pool alcalinity (80-150) are important as well in order to minimize the post swim itch. Whether your pool has a salt system or chlorine, both use chlorine to sanitize the pool so always rinse your dog well after a swim in your pool. Word of caution if you have a liner pool though, many clients have had to replace it after sharing their pool with a pet, due to the dogs paws.

Keep in mind that pets (and children) have drowned in pools, so supervision only swimming and safety gates are still of paramount importance. It is absolutely safe to go into the pool after your pooch has been in.

If you let your pets enjoy your pool, consider their comfort and safety as you would your human family members.


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