Icy Pools

So you are looking out back, and are anticipating jumping into your pool in a few weeks!!! ….But the anticipation just gets the better of youI was inspecting a commercial client’s pool for cement repairs to be done. It was still covered in what appeared to be a few inches of ice. Looks can be […]

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Pool Babies

Babies swimming in pools is beneficial, safe, comforting and a wonderful bonding experience.  A common concern is temperature and quality of water.  Babies get cold faster than we do.  A warmer pool is helpful, but within (28-31C/85-88F) is optimal.  If on the colder side, limit exposure to 15-20 minutes, or until the baby’s lips turn

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Mitch is the heart and soul of PLPS Pools. As the founding member, this President and Head of Maintenance started with a background in psychology and business and expanded his knowledge and expertise while working as the director of aquatics at a major Montreal area community and recreation centre. These days, you can just as often find Mitch up to his elbows in a pump as meeting with a building manager to sort out a quote. Mitch lives and breathes PLPS Pools, and he is genuinely happy when having a coffee or an ice-cream with a client and talking about their pool needs.