As the industry-wide leader in Lifeguarding Management Services, PLPS presently contracts within the greater Montreal area and on its off-island shores, hiring over 100 bilingual and fully certified lifeguards annually. After a thorough screening and selection process, PLPS lifeguards are trained in emergency procedures, pool maintenance, water chemistry, and customer service.  PLPS lifeguards will not only keep your pool safe and secure, but clean and perfectly balanced while being friendly and courteous to pool patrons.   

PLPS’s ultimate goal is to take the worry out of your hands by offering the following turnkey services that can be selected in the combination that best suits your needs.

PLPS will ensure that your pool meets or exceeds provincial health regulations.

Lifeguarding Services Offered at:


Commercial pools

PLPSResidential pool

Residential pools

Our Lifeguards

Lifeguard Tasks

Daily pool cleaning and vacuuming

Maintaining the environments around your pool

Constant chemical balancing

Maintaining pool statistical logbook

Ensuring safety and decorum in and around your pool

Providing 1st Aid and emergency care

Following all Covid-19 safety protocols

Lifeguard Training

CPR Instruction

  • PLPS offers all levels of CPR instruction
  • Re-certifications
  • All courses certified by the Quebec Heart and Stroke foundation
Lifeguards in training - Rescuing female victim from public swimming pool


  • PLPS offers Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and NLS trainings
  • Re-certifications
  • Guaranteed summer employment for guards who complete swimming courses offered through PLPS
  • All courses certified by the Quebec Lifesaving Society

25 years+ of Lifeguarding Services

Turnkey and Worry-Free 

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Mitch is the heart and soul of PLPS Pools. As the founding member, this President and Head of Maintenance started with a background in psychology and business and expanded his knowledge and expertise while working as the director of aquatics at a major Montreal area community and recreation centre. These days, you can just as often find Mitch up to his elbows in a pump as meeting with a building manager to sort out a quote. Mitch lives and breathes PLPS Pools, and he is genuinely happy when having a coffee or an ice-cream with a client and talking about their pool needs.