PLPS is proud to be your one-stop pool equipment, chemical and supplies supplier.  We have everything you may need or want to maintain a happy, healthy and safe pool environment. 

We want our clients to have a worry-free summer that maximizes fun happy times. Let us keep track of all your pool needs and resupply you as needed throughout the season.

If you do not see an item you need or want, ask us and we will get it for you!

Liners – Above ground or inground

Is your liner old, ugly, or damaged? We offer a selection of durable, long-lasting, liners that will make your pool look brand new again.

Safety covers

Keep your family and pool safe and protected all year long with one of our pool covers. We offer full installation on new covers, replacement covers, automatic or manual options and commercial grade covers.

Heating System

To heat or not to heat? A pool heater is an incredibly worthwhile investment that will start your pool season earlier and extend it well into sweater season. Replacing an old heating system with an up-to-date model can save money and time spent on repair leaving you and other swimmers warm and happy all summer long.


Above Ground Pools & Installation

Maximize summer fun with an above ground pool. We have lots of economical options and can help with backyard planning. We offer above ground pool installations.


Why waste your beautiful summer days dealing with improperly sized, old, faulty, or badly repaired pumps? Pool pumps are the heart of every swimming pool filtration system. Let PLPS install your pump and do it right. Reduce costs, frustration and save time. (Includes a complete in person training in proper backwashing, priming and care).


Struggling with water clarity and movement? Pool filters are the true secret to keeping your pool clean and clear. Make sure that yours is functioning well and is sized properly. PLPS filter specialists will help you decide between sand, or cartridge.

Leaf Nets

Do you hate the smell and mess of all the fall leaves decomposing in your pool? A leaf net will catch fall leaves, and avoid backbreaking and smelly spring clean up.

Water Sanitizing systems

There are several options of pool sanitizing systems, each has its own pros and cons. PLPS offers a wide selection of sanitation systems and the know how to be able to help you choose the best one for your requirements. Salt systems, Chlorine systems and UV systems.


Cloudy water can be dangerous and stop a pool party before it even gets started. PLPS regularly delivers your water testing and chemical provisions throughout the pool season at a highly competitive price. Do not be caught short on a beautiful day, we estimate your full season needs before your summer begins!


Safety equipment

  • First aid kits
  • Ring buoys
  • Lane ropes
  • AEDs
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Spinal boards
  • Life jackets

Pool Equipment

  • Vacuum – full systems and replacements parts
  • Brushes and scum line removers
  • Diving boards and slides
  • Pool toys and games
  • Skimmer baskets
  • Skimmer nets
  • PLPS Apparel
  • Ladders
  • Lights

25 Years + in Business​

Turnkey & Worry-Free

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Mitch is the heart and soul of PLPS Pools. As the founding member, this President and Head of Maintenance started with a background in psychology and business and expanded his knowledge and expertise while working as the director of aquatics at a major Montreal area community and recreation centre. These days, you can just as often find Mitch up to his elbows in a pump as meeting with a building manager to sort out a quote. Mitch lives and breathes PLPS Pools, and he is genuinely happy when having a coffee or an ice-cream with a client and talking about their pool needs.